Health Improvement

How can ProgressiveHealthLIVE help you?

Welcome to ProgressiveHealthLIVE.

ProgressiveHealthLIVE is a comprehensive, integrated solution - combining the right people, processes, program, and protocols - that will drive down your injury and health costs, while yielding a fitter, safer, more-productive workforce. The backbone of our solution is our proprietary tracking, activity support, and information system, ProgressiveHealthLIVE.com.

The synergies realized from an integrated, comprehensive solution cannot be understated. At the root of the ProgressiveHealthLIVE solution:
  • Hiring and preparing the right individuals for the right job
  • Proactively preventing injury and intercepting injuries early, controlling recordables
  • Returning individuals to work safely, expeditiously, and productively, mitigating lost time
  • Proactively driving real health improvement across your population, reducing healthcare costs
  • Reporting along Key Performance Indicators so that you know your benefits are real
If you are not yet a client-partner and think we may be able to help you, please contact us at PHLive@phrehab.com. We invite you to join our other industry-leading partners who have realized cost savings of 30%-50%. Customized solutions can be crafted for companies and sites from 250 to 7000+ employees.